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totally cool rentals - refrigerated foods

Totally Cool Rentals is a refrigerated vehicle rental business in Perth Western Australia which has recently launched its small vehicle fleet. 

We have specialised in refrigerated vans for ten years, having a fresh fruit and vegetable delivery business that requires refrigerated vehicles. We offer short term and long term rental of our fleet of Hyundai iLoad vans, at very competitive rates. See our services for more information.

We currently have 8 refrigerated vehicles including one which has a standby unit that can be plugged into mains electricity when not running. Our vehicles have rear access capability designed for pallet loading and features both left and right hand side slider doors for optional convenience and access. Ideal for transporting fruit, vegetables, fish and meats, and are capable of reaching -18°C for the transportation of frozen and chilled goods throughout the Perth area and beyond.

For more information please contact us today. Alternatively, obtain your free rental quote by clicking here.